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For Rapid Prototyping & Batch Production in widest range of materials

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One stop solution for all prototyping needs across India

Chizel is an online additive manufacturing design studio offering rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services across India. We are one stop solution centre with manufacturing capabilities in 3D printing, vacuum casting and CNC.

We are team of engineers and product designers consulting architecture, real estate, product design, healthcare sector, automation, robotics, IOT, FMCG, and several other verticals on 3D printing technology, process, materials, quality and implementations.  


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3D printing technologies

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) – EOS
  • Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) – 3D Systems
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) – Stratasys
  • Polyjet Technology – Stratasys
  • Color Jet Printing (CJP) – 3D Systems
  • Lamination Object Manufacturing (LOM) – MCOR
  • Multijet Modeling (MJM) – 3D Systems
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) – Renishaw & EOS

3D Printing Materials

Frequently used materials

  • ABS (for low precision)
  • Nylon (for flexible parts)
  • Resin (for high finish parts)
  • Sandstone (for full color parts)

Special Materials for performance

  • PA12 – Glass Filled
  • Alumide
  • Rubber
  • ABS (Ceramic filled for high temperature)
  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Inconel
  • Titanium
Before Chizel
3D printing is growing at a rapid rate with numerous technology and material options. But what is the best solution that solves your “REAL” problem at the right cost? 
With Chizel
You get one-stop access to convenient and hassle-free 3D printing with widest material range, controlled quality, design assistance and express delivery across India.

3D printing


Vacuum Casting


Customised Product Design


Design for 3D printing


Our mission is to provide
“Convenient and hassle-free industrial 3D printing across India”

  • One-stop solution for all your prototyping needs
  • 3D printing materials with 25+ plastics and 7 metal
  • Proactive Communication over project execution
  • Assistance in design so that your prototype gets all the critical features accurate
  • Standardised quality across batches
  • Express turn around time delivery.

We are India’s first 3D printing design studio & we know the real problem is to
“Get a prototype that helps you validate your designs”

Our Unique Features

25+ Materials
7 Finishing Operations

Choose 3D printing materials based on application and performance with an end product finish.

Design Guidelines for 3D printing

In-house design team to ensure manufacturability of every feature under controlled tolerances right at design phase.

Express Delivery Options

Guaranteed delivery options for specific materials to ensure that you never overshoot timelines. 

Proactive Communication

Stay updated about every inch of the progress while we 3D print your order.

We are very happy with Chizel's service, especially in terms of quality, precision and time taken. We were able to source the samples within days and carry forward our further tests with ease, all thanks to Chizel.

Akshay SinghalFounder, Log9 Materials

For film festivals, awards and souvenirs are very emotionally connected because of art forms involved. Chizel team has beautifully designed and manufactured customised souvenirs with beautiful detailing. Happy to receive first 3D printed souvenir of India.

Karan KukrejaFounder, White Wall Media

I have seen companies offering 3D printing services without knack of technology and materials. Chizel, by far, had been the most promising 3D printing service guys. Good Job!

Prateek JainFounder, Embryyo Technologies

Being a start Up in the Implantable Medical Devices field, rapid prototyping at multiple stages in the iterative Design phase is extremely critical to understand the form, fit and basic function of the devices.Chizel team has been an outstanding partner helping us move successfully through the Design Phase of multiple projects. They stand true to their business – A Rapid Response Team for Rapid Prototyping!”

Aditya IngalhalikarFounder, Indius Medical Technologies

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