3D printing allows you to have completely one off items that are difficult to find otherwise. Whether it is marketing model, customized gifts, souvenirs, or awards and corporate gifting, Chizel helps you to get it exactly the way you want.

We are team of designers with specialisation in 3D printing technology. Our core strength is understanding your requirement and developing a concept from a sketch to a finished product. We claim superior quality products with unique experience, as if you have brought the product right from a retail store.

Areas we regularly work in 



Events and ceremonies are important for organisers, but more important to sponsors and attendees to make maximum out of it. Are you thinking of giving them something unique?

Try our custom-made awards and trophies. Designed to connect with the recipient, imbibing all the elements of your event keeping sponsors’ identity in mind. Our designers are experts in generative art to give you the most complex yet most unique awards.


Marketing Models

Participating in an exhibition and looking to interact with your customers in most efficient way? Try our marketing models.

These are hyper-miniature models which are highly robust, easy to carry and intricate enough to include all the important features of your product. We start with 3D CAD files and edit them to ensure 3D printability of models. Once the model is ready, just say the three magic words: 3D print it!


Props & Miniatures

Planning a shoot for your new movie or stop-motion animation? Looking to get highly detailed miniatures and props without any visible layers on them?

Presenting to you, ultra-detailed resin materials that can provide flexibility to 3D print multiple characters and props in short runs. Our ultra-detail resin has almost zero visibility of layers and hence does not need any sanding / primer coat. Simply color them, and prop is ready to be used.

What to send us?

If you feel we may be able to help you with project then please feel free to contact us at sales@chizelprints.in

  • We need a ready .stl file so that we can give you an accurate quote & timelines within a day.
  • Let us know what is the exact use of the product and how much quantities you are looking for.
  • If you do not have a file ready, you are welcome to send us any image, description or drawings of requirements. Our design team will create a new design or even replicate an existing one, often within a week so that it is ready for print.


*Please note, we use multiple 3D printing technologies to make one off products. The decision is taken by our design team understanding the capabilities of material and technology.