“We don’t do trials with your designs. Because we know what can be printed and what not. “

Chizel is India’s only one stop solution center for all your 3D printing needs. 3D Printing has a limitation of one printer printing in only one kind of material. Also, for industrial 3D printers, changing the material is a cumbersome process and hence not every service provider would want to do that unless they have a bigger order.

Chizel offers 25+ industrial plastics and 7 metals to ensure that you do not have to worry much about 3D printing materials. We offer almost every industrial 3D printing technology to ensure that you can focus entirely on design.

We are highly quality conscious and aim to deliver a unique experience of prototyping. So if you are exploring 3D printing for the first time or ever have had a bad experience before, we would be more than happy to talk to you and offer you our 3D printing solutions.

Services We offer

SLS 3D print

3D Printing

We aim to offer all 3D printing materials at a single place so that you get an access to wide range of materials without any hassles. Our expertise lies in decoding 3D printing and translating it into a simple and easy-to-use technology.

We are experts in 25+ 3D printing plastics. That means, whatever is your need, we have a right material for you. Covering all possible needs like strong, flexible, light-weight, transparent, translucent, precise, excellent finish, full color and also economical; we got you covered.

post processing


We understand that one of the crucial applications of prototyping is showcasing your design as a final product to the customers. It has to look like and work like an end product.

With significant amount of research done in type of surface finishing operations available, we treat every material in a different way to achieve results that suit your needs. We have also developed proprietary finishing processes that give you a finish as good as an end product, without any dependency on how skilled the labor is or how intricate the designs are.


Design and Modelling

A great idea can come to anyone. But not everyone can design and think from manufacturability perspective. With years of close monitoring the output of 3D printing, we know what can be made and what cannot. We call it Design for 3D printing.

So feel free to ask for our assistance in case you want us to handhold your idea at any stage of design.

From Concept to prototype

We cannot show most of our projects due to Non-disclosure agreement but here are just some things we created that we are proud of:

Our Unique Propositions




Materials we offer

3D printing has limited applications without multiple material options. With 25 plastics already offered by us, we aim to bring newest materials that are commercially available and tested to be fit for manufacturing.

Our design team performs rigorous research on each material to explore their possibilities before we launch them for you. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, hence selecting the right material might be troublesome.

Lead Time

Each 3D printing material is printed on a dedicated machine. Changing the material takes around 48 hours on an industrial machine. At Chizel, every material has different delivery time depending on the operational cycle and capacity of the machine. You can check our material delivery time here.

For specific material, we have express delivery options available. Ask for expedited service and jump in front of the queue. 95% of our express orders are shipped out 48 hours after they are ordered.

If you have little time to spare, why not choose our economy option? This takes 8-10 working days, but it is discounted with the exact same material and quality!

Finishing Options

A great way to make your prototype look like an end product is by coloring it.

We paint, dye, electroplate and hydro-graphic coat parts depending on requirement and material selection. Finishing operations can extend delivery time from 2-10 working days depending on process selected.

Do you have any further questions?

Feel free to reach us at sales@chizelprints.in

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